Holy Family
Holy Family

1919 — 2019 

In 1918, Father Bernard Froegel encouraged the  Catholics of the Keenesburg community to build a church.  That year, a site east of the main street of Keenesburg was chosen and the ground was broken.  

The farmers brought their horses and equipment for digging the basement and preparing the foundation.  The first mass in the new church was held in the summer of 1919, with the formal dedication mass celebrated later by Bishop Tihen.  Holy Family was officially established as a mission by Bishop Tihen in 1920.  

In 1932, Holy Family was made a parish with Sacred Heart in Roggen as its mission.  Father Bernard Weakland was assigned as the first resident pastor and a home across the street from the church was purchased for use as a rectory.  In 1944, Father Charles P. Sanger was appointed as pastor and Sacred Heart in Roggen became the mother parish with Holy Family as its mission church.  Under Father Sanger, the church was remodeled and two new additions were built.  Under the leadership of Father Eugene Murphy, Holy Family added a parish center in 1974.  

Father Joseph Blanco updated the church basement, including the carpet and installing the window wells.  During 2004 and 2005, Father Robert Wedow beautifully remodeled the interior of the church, including the altar and confessional, and replaced the old ramp and sidewalks.  Most recently, in 2018-2019, the stained glass windows were repaired and restored to their former beauty.  Many past and present parishioners have donated their time, talent and treasure to give us the beautiful church we enjoy today.  We are grateful to them for their 100 years of love and service. 

Chronological History of Holy Family Church

Parish with Roggen as a Mission

1932 – 1938                   Rev. Bernard Weakland

1928 – 1944                   Rev. William J. Gallagher

1944 – 1949                   Rev. Charles P. Sanger

Mission of Roggen

1949 – 1956                   Rev. Charles P. Sanger

1956 – 1962                   Rev. Leonard Abercrombie

1962 – 1966                   Rev. John Holloway

1966 – 1969                   Rev. James Morgan

1969 – 1973                   Rev. Edward Day

1973 – 1980                   Rev. Eugene Murphy

1980                              Msgr. Thomas Barry

1980 – 1985                   Rev. Cathal Longwill

1985 – 1992                   Rev. Robert Breunig

1992 – 1994                   Rev. Peter Urban

1994 –  1995                  Rev. Gerald Young

1995 – 2000                   Rev. Joseph Blanco

2001 – 2002                   Rev. Reinhold Weissbeck

2003 – 2006                   Rev. Robert Wedow

2007 – 2008                   Rev. Frank Garcia

2009 – 2012                   Rev. Hector Chiapa-Villarreal

2013 – 2019                   Rev. Carlos Wilson Bello Ayala

2019 – 2024                   Rev. Peter Dinh

2009 – Present              Rev. Thomas Kuffel